Jul 10, 2017

Shelby + Ricky | Sunrise Engagement Session

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This session! Ah it gives me all the feels! Ricky and Shelby got engaged LAST WEEK while they were on a family vacation at the beach..is that just perfect or what?? They arrived back from their trip late Saturday night, and got up AT SUNRISE the next morning for us to be able to do this session. I mean seriously, are they amazing or what?! 

This was probably one of my favorite locations to date. I grew up in a little town called McMinnville – not too far from Murfreesboro. There was one point in our time there that we lived out towards the country on a plot of around 15 acres of land. It was a dream. There were always deer roaming about. We had several large gardens where we would grow veggies to can. We had blackberry patches so thick a bush hog was required to make paths wide enough to walk through. I loved everything about growing up in wide open spaces (insert Dixie Chicks melody here). Though we’ve grown accustomed to city life and having 2 minute access to anything we would ever need, there will always be a country girl in me. When Shelby and I were discussing location options and she described her parents land, I knew immediately we had to shoot there.

Seeing deer on my drive to Shelby’s house confirmed that this was going to be a perfect location. I pulled in her driveway and began unloading my camera gear…to the sound of a ROOSTER CROWING. An actual rooster was crowing as the sun came up. Ah! It was just so cool. And pretty. And made the country girl in me do little happy dance. 

Ricky and Shelby, I am SO stinking excited for you guys as you begin this new chapter in your lives! Thank you so much for allowing me the chance to celebrate with you by doing this session to start off your time as an engaged couple. Soak up every minute of this time, because before you know it you’ll be Mr. and Mrs! 

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