Jul 19, 2017

Kelly + Chris | Arrington Vineyards Wedding

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Happy Wednesday friends! And happy one week anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Roberson! 

You may be thinking, “One week…does that mean they got married on a Wednesday?” You bet it does! And there is a super sweet story behind it! 

Around a year ago, Kelly was really wanting to take a trip to Paris. So, they packed their bags and took off! Chris decided this of course would be the perfect time and place to propose (um yes!!). Kelly had no idea it was coming! They were at the Eiffel Tower during the light show on July 12, 2016…when Chris knelt down and asked Kelly to be his wife!! I think it goes without saying that Chris wins the award for best proposals!

As they were planning their day, Kelly decided that she wanted to say “I do” on the same day she said “yes”…so a wedding on a Wednesday it was! 

They got married at the beautiful Arrington Vineyards right outside of Murfreesboro. Being able to capture this day for Chris and Kelly was such an honor. Kelly and I actually went to church together years ago, and I’ve always admired what a kind, loving, and caring person she is. She is truly the sweetest, and I am humbled that she choose me to spend the day with her. 

Happy one week Chris and Kelly! Here’s to the many more weeks to come as husband and wife! I hope you guys are having a blast in Ireland! 

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