Jun 27, 2017

Whitney + Cody | Woodbury Wedding

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The weather forecast for May 27th wasn’t looking great. They were calling for rain all day. Saturday morning came, and sure enough..we awoke to rain clouds. When I arrived at the hair salon to meet Whitney I asked how she was doing, and she was handling it like a champ! She told me about the backup plan in case it began to rain but kept her spirits high that it wouldn’t come our way. And sure enough, while Whitney was getting her hair done I looked out the window and couldn’t believe my eyes. I asked Whitney if she saw what I saw and the sweetest smile spread across her face, we were looking at sunshine! 

The day couldn’t have gone any better. Everything about it was perfect…the weather, Whitney’s dress, the decorations, the colors! I typically am a sucker for all things neutral, but Whitney’s color scheme was the perfect way to kick off summer! 

Whitney and Cody, thank you so much for allowing me the honor of hanging out with you on this special day! You guys were the nicest, and I can’t wait to deliver the rest of your wedding pictures to you! Happy 1 month anniversary! 

  1. Brenda Alexabder says:

    Lindsey, the pictures are absolutely wonderful. You captured Whitney and Cody and their sweet, gentle nature. I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you, Brenda Alexander

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