- a wife to my high school sweetheart
- an amateur (but enthusiastic!) baker
- a lover of all things coffee, travel, or
board game related 

i'm lindsey. 

Hi, y'all! 

my favorite things:

Robby = husband
Winston = Airedale Terrier pup

These boys are my everything. The fact that Robby and I have been together for almost 10 years is unreal to me. He truly knows me better than I know myself, and I wouldn't be able to pursue this dream of mine if it weren't for his love and support!

Robby &Winston


I remember being a kid and spending my summers next to my mom in the kitchen making jam, breads, cakes. I will always cherish those memories and am so thankful for a mom who took the time to teach me her skills!

This Cinnamon Swirl Orange bread is one of my favorite things to bake!  

My favorite thing to photograph on a wedding day is the details! 
The earrings that were your mother's on her wedding day, the invitation suite you spent hours designing...these details are what tell your story! You spent hours pouring your heart into getting everything just perfect for your wedding day. It is my favorite thing to capture these and know that you will have the photos to share with your kids and grand kids one day so they know every little thing that made your wedding day special! 


When Im not taking pictures you can find me...

- Reading (most likely either the Bible or an old cookbook)
- Watching The Office or Parks and Rec. 
- Kayaking
- Listening to Robby play guitar while I try to keep up on my ukulele