Jun 21, 2023

Stephanie + Satchel | Long Hollow Gardens Wedding

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On June 3rd, amidst the natural beauty of Long Hollow Gardens, Stephanie and Satchel prepped to say “I do”. The sun-kissed venue adorned with a greenhouse, gardens, flower fields, and a vineyard set the stage for an unforgettable wedding day filled with joy.

With reverence for cherished memories, the bride held her grandmother’s handkerchief around her bouquet, a delicate memento passed down through generations. The arrangement showcased her favorite florals: peonies and ranunculus, adding a touch of elegance and personal significance to the special day.

Once the couple said their vows and sealed them with their first kiss as husband and wife, a string trio serenaded their walk up the aisle with a surprising choice—Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love.” The modern rendition injected an element of excitement and set the tone for a reception filled with delightful surprises.

The festivities continued into the evening, where the southern comfort meal, made complete with Nashville hot chicken, and celebratory dancing overflowed with laughter and merriment. During the sweet father daughter dance, a special guest joined them halfway through. Overcome with emotion, the bride’s niece ran to Satchel with happy tears running down her face. His encouragement for her to dance with them was just what she needed to step into the lights and take Stephanie’s hands. When the music faded, Stephanie’s parents met on the dance floor as they had done 30 years prior, and swayed to their own first dance song in honor of their anniversary.

Once the ballads turned into upbeat tunes, in an unexpected twist, the bride took the mic and belted out some of her favorite rock and rap songs, captivating the guests and igniting an infectious energy that filled the air.

This wedding day at Long Hollow Gardens was an extraordinary affair, where nature’s beauty intertwined with heartfelt moments and a lively celebration. From sentimental gestures to unconventional choices, every detail showcased the couple’s unique love story and their desire to create a joyful and unforgettable experience for all.

Full vendor list found at the bottom of this post.

Photography: Lindsey Brown Photography (with associate team, Grace & Heather)

Coordinator: Nashville Event Planning

Hair and Makeup: One10 Beauty

Dress: Alexandra’s Boutique

DJ: Joey the DJ

Catering: Flavor Catering

  1. Mom says:

    You are my beautiful fun daughter and son in law. Your wedding was a dream. We love you!

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