May 24, 2023

Kellyn + Donovan | Murfreesboro Wedding

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Love has a beautiful way of weaving itself into every aspect of a wedding day, and Kellyn and Donovan’s special day was no exception.

The proposal:

It all began with a date that Kellyn suspected was more than just a casual outing. Donovan took her to their favorite restaurant, the place they had celebrated their birthdays together in previous years.

Throughout the day, he skillfully threw her off track, ensuring she remained unaware of what was about to happen. Little did Kellyn know that her passion for reading would play a pivotal role in the proposal.

When they returned to her house, Kellyn discovered one of her books lying in the yard. Confused as to how it had ended up there, they approached the spot, and Kellyn bent down to retrieve the book out of the grass to return it to its home. When she turned around, Donovan had dropped to one knee. He professed his love for her and asked her to marry him. It was a moment of pure perfection, blending Kellyn’s love for literature with the beginning of their lifelong chapter together.

The wedding day:

Kellyn’s affection for reading spilled over into their reception decor, leaving an unforgettable mark on their celebration. The centerpieces adorned each table, featuring different books that held a special place in their hearts. One centerpiece even mirrored a tattoo on her arm – an open book. It was a whimsical touch that resonated with every guest, reflecting the couple’s unique love story. Throughout the day, Kellyn couldn’t help but find herself buried in the pages of her current read. After she was caught with a book in her hands upstairs in a quiet corner before the ceremony, her bridesmaids explained this wasn’t a one-time instance. This was something she did before big events – basketball games, school dances, and now her wedding day.

Kellyn had always dreamed of exchanging vows in her backyard surrounded by the serenity of nature and the gentle rippling of the pond. Rain threatened to disrupt her vision, but the prayers of their loved ones were answered and a gorgeous day unfolded. The ceremony took place during the most beautiful sunset, casting a warm golden glow on the heartfelt promises they made to each other. It was a moment that will forever be etched in their memories.

Donovan couldn’t help but wear a perpetual grin. Every prompt for a serious face dissolved into a smile as he beheld the woman he was about to spend the rest of his life with.

Kellyn and Donovan’s wedding day was a true testament to the power of love and the magic of personal details. Their story unfolded with the grace and beauty of a novel written from the heart. From the proposal rooted in Kellyn’s deep enjoyment of reading to the literature inspired reception decor and the serene backdrop of the backyard pond, their day was a celebration of the unique and extraordinary bond they share.

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Photography: Lindsey Brown Photography (with associate team, Grace & Heather)

Coordinator: CM Event Design

Dress: Ila Bridal

Invitations: The Write Impression

Live Wedding Painter: Mandy Berry Fine Art

DJ: DJ Connections

Videographer: Encounter Productions

Cake: I Lovitt Cheesecakes

Catering: Smokin’ Buttz BBQ, M.L. Rose, Loveless Cafe

Musicians: Nashville Strings

Restroom Trailers: Posh Privy

Bridesmaids Attire: Azazie

Groomsmen Attire: D&K Menswear

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