Nov 21, 2019

Maya + Dino | Downtown Franklin Engagement Session

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Downtown Franklin Engagement Session


This is a little embarrassing to admit because I’ve lived in Middle, TN my entire life…but I have never spent anytime in Downtown Franklin until this session! Maya and Dino wanted something a little different for their session (yes please!), so we went exploring through Franklin and had a blast!

The way these two held each other and laughed together was so heartwarming. I just love them. Thinking Maya looks familiar? She is! I actually photographed her sister Madison’s engagement session and was photographer/bridesmaid at her wedding last year! This family is one of the sweetest we’ve met in Murfreesboro. They are all some of the kindest and most generous people we know. What an honor it is to get to serve this family in this way and capture these amazing seasons of life for them on camera!


Maya and Dino met during their time together at MTSU when their sorority and fraternity were paired together one semester. They began hanging out more and more, and well – I bet you can guess the rest!


You know I love a good proposal story, so, of course, I asked Maya how Dino popped the question:

“My older sister wanted to take me and my younger sister out for our birthdays since she doesn’t get to see us much anymore. The plan was for all 3 of us to go take pictures together, and then go out to eat for our birthdays. Whenever we got to the place where we were going to take pictures, it ended up being a surprise proposal that Dino had planned out. He had gotten the families together and planned it to where everything worked out smoothly! I was very shocked and had no idea it was going to happen that soon!”


Recently, I’ve been asking all my couples their favorite thing about each other. Not only does this help me get to know them as a couple, but it’s also a sweet way for couples to take a break and remember the purpose behind all of the wedding planning and the reason for the wedding itself.

Maya’s favorite thing about Dino?

“My favorite thing about Dino is that he always dresses up and is one of the best dancers I know!”


Dino’s favorite thing about Maya?

“My favorite thing about Maya is how she always has a smile on her face. She is always a happy person and lightens up any room she goes into. She is so kind and sweet. I am honored to get to be her husband!”


Maya & Dino, I absolutely cannot wait for your wedding next summer! I know it is going to be so beautiful and so full of joy and love!

  1. Carrie Tarver says:

    Beautiful 😍 ❤️ and I’m excited for ya..love your aunt Carrie

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