Apr 30, 2016

Ashley + Coty | Chattanooga Engagement Session

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This session is one of my favorites to date. Not because of the location or lighting (though those were pretty stellar), but because of the two wonderful people in the pictures.

I knew of Coty from afar all through high school, but didn’t become friends with him until I began dating my husband back in Jan. of 09. My husband and Coty were in a band together, which meant I spent a lot of time at practices, traveling to shows..you know the drill. Through all of that Coty became not just a close friend of my husband’s but one my closest friends as well. Then Robby and Coty became roommates in college, and so the crazy shenanigans and friendship continued.

When he met Ashley towards the end of his time at TTU, we knew she was the one for him. Robby and I were so estactic when he told us that he had a ring for her and was going to ask her to be his one and only!

Ashely, we are so excited you came along for our dear friend. We can’t wait for all the double dates and hang outs our futures holds!

I am honored you guys asked me to do your pictures and so hope you enjoy them!

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